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June 24, 2021

Giving from the Heart

Goodwood Road traders are celebrating the launch of a new round of Heart of Goodwood offers, their way of thanking the community for the immense support they received over the last 18 months.

It’s been a good year for Adelaide’s small businesses, especially considering the disastrous events of last year.


This article was produced in collaboration with Goodwood Road.

For more information on the Heart of Goodwood card, including discounts currently available, connect:

In keeping with a long, proud tradition in South Australia of supporting local, consumers dug deep and ensured many local businesses bounced back following their pandemic-induced closures.

The fiercely community-oriented traders of Goodwood Road (in the heart of Goodwood), only a short trip out of the CBD, are very aware of how much they owe to their loyal clientele.

In order to thank these patrons for their continued support, the much-loved shopping destination and community hub has launched another round of offers for holders of a Heart of Goodwood card.

Originally launched last year, the card grants you access to a variety of deals, including 10% off beers at newcomer taphouse The Suburban Brew, two for $20 tickets at the everlasting Capri Theatre, $50 off in-chair whitening at Goodwood Dental, 20% off prints at Ettie Ink, and an hour-long massage for the price of 30 minutes at stalwart business A Touch of Beauty, just to name a few.

The latter establishment is one of the oldest along Goodwood Road, having been in operation since 1987.

A Touch of Beauty’s owner, Joanna Collins, who was awarded an AM in this year’s Queen’s Birthday honours for her philanthropic work, says the Heart of Goodwood card is a great way to continue fostering the strong community spirit that’s underpinned the success of her 34-year-old business.

A Touch of Beauty has a range of products to choose from


“I love the Heart of Goodwood campaign because I think it’s a really positive way to keep that community spirit alive and flourishing,” Joanna says.

“It’s great to help people who’ve helped support us local businesses.”

Joanna says Goodwood Road has undergone many changes since she set up A Touch of Beauty, all of which have been positive. Looking forward, she says she can only see the strip going from strength to strength.

“I love it here, it’s got a really great feel and to be honest, I wouldn’t be anywhere else,” she says.

“I really love the street and I really love the community. Goodwood seems to be growing in a positive, proactive way.”

Not only does the Heart of Goodwood reward locals who frequent the Road’s shops and businesses, it also seeks to draw in people who aren’t as familiar with the strip, or who’ve not visited in some time.

“It’s a great initiative to reward our regular clients and also to encourage new clients to the salon and indeed all our businesses” Joanna says. “There’s a lot to offer on the Road,  including a huge variety of cuisines in our restaurants.”

In addition to the trusted institutions of Goodwood Road, there’s a batch of fresh talent recently opened in the area bringing in new clientele, such as the aforementioned Suburban Brew, holistic health spot Good Hub  Wellness Space, and the poster child of suburban wine bars Good Gilbert.

“The amount of support we’ve had from Goodwood and nearby suburbs’ locals has been staggering,” says Jason Barber, co-owner of Good Gilbert.

“We intended Good Gilbert to be a community-oriented neighbourhood bar, which it’s become, but that’s all down to our customers.”

Jason Barber of Good Gilbert


Goodwood Road businesses both new and old were overwhelmed by the level of community support given to businesses along this thriving inner city strip. It’s little wonder why they were so quick and keen to jump onboard with the Heart of Goodwood initiative.

“Goodwood people are really supportive – they generally make the effort to choose local first,” says Ettie Ink founder Michelle Fogden.

“Whether you’re a business owner or local shopper, it feels special to know we are supporting one another and making the effort to choose local.

“The Heart of Goodwood card helps  members feel valued, rewarded and reminds us that we belong to a fun, friendly and creative community.”

Go and pick up your Heart of Goodwood card today!


At Good Gilbert, a flash of the Heart of Goodwood card will result in a complimentary dessert as part of the already exceptionally valued $45 prix fixe menu.

“The Heart of Goodwood idea is great,” Jason says.

“It’s a win-win – customers get discounts at their favourite Goody Road businesses, and we get to give a little back to our loyal customers who we exist to please.”

To receive a Heart of Goodwood card, simply message the Goodwood Road Facebook page, or pick one up from local businesses Ginger’s Coffee Studio, Boulangerie 113, The Chicken House, Goodwood Bakehouse, Goodwood Pharmacy, Goodwood IGA, the Goodwood Community Centre, or the Bendigo Bank.

For more information on the Heart of Goodwood card, including discounts currently available, visit the website. New offers are progressively added.

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