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May 18, 2022

‘Do you reckon I could call my mum?’: Meet Cinderella – pop’s newest princess

In the second edition of Rella Classified, dispatches from the world of Windmill Theatre's Rella, CityMag catches up with up and coming star Rella as she joins the Prince Charming Records Royal Family.

  • This article was produced in collaboration with Windmill Theatre Company.

After slaying her performance at the IS THIS TALENT? television talent contest, Rella – now known as Cinderella – was quite literally whisked away by Prince Charming Records’ representatives to join the label and start recording her new album.


Rella Classified:
Up-to-the-minute gossip from the world of Windmill Theatre Company’s ‘Rella’ – a high octane reimagining of ‘Cinderella’ from the point of view of the ugly stepsisters.

26 May—4 June
Dunstan Playhouse
Festival Drive, Adelaide 5000

“It all happened very fast,” Cinderella says.

“One second, I was standing onstage and the next second I was thrown into a limo and now I’m talking to you in a hotel room in the city somewhere. I haven’t had a chance to talk to my mum!”

“Cinderella has got something special,” says a Prince Charming Records representative.

“She’s got the voice. She’s got the attitude. And she sort of has the look. We’re working on the look. But we’ve got big plans for her. Now that she’s not being held back by her ugly sisters, she’s primed to take over the world.”

As previously reported by CityMag‘s Rella Classified, Rella’s sisters Afa and Sika slammed IS THIS TALENT? and the team from Prince Charming Records for their treatment on the program, where they allege they were smeared as ugly on a global stage.

“Lol,” the Prince Charming Records representative claps back.

“We’re not responsible for what the judges say or do. We’re just here to find the next ‘it girl’, and we found Rella. At the end of the day, showbiz is tough. Haven’t they ever seen Fame? Centre Stage? Black Swan? Bring it On? It’s a brutal industry. We’ve got nothing against her sisters, but they’re just not what we, or anyone, are looking for.”

CityMag reached out to Afa and Sika about whether they have seen any of the films listed above, but we’re yet to receive a response.

Prince Charming Records refused to make an additional comment on the matter, instead choosing to focus on Rella, who they’re claiming is the “jewel in their crown”.

Cinderella was not able to comment on the situation with her sisters, but stated she was keen to head on tour.

“I just haven’t had a chance to chat to mum yet,” she explains.

“Have you seen her? I probably should check that she’s okay with me going on tour. I don’t even have a passp—”

Before Rella could finish her sentence, an executive from Prince Charming Records jumps in, saying, “Rella’s very excited. She’s pumped. And she’s going to be GREAT.”

Prince Charming or Prince Harming? You decide!



26 May—4 June, Dunstan Playhouse

Fairytales are only half the story. Windmill Theatre Company presents Rella, an extreme reputation makeover of the ugly stepsisters – two of the most maligned figures in fairytale history.

Grab your tickets here.

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