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May 24, 2017

Podcast: Religion

An atheist, a former Pentecostal Christian, and a non-practising Catholic walk into a recording studio.

  • Hosts: Josh Fanning and Farrin Foster
  • Guest: Jessica Clark
  • Recording studio: Maché

CityMag publisher Josh Fanning and editor Farrin Foster dated for six years, but then they broke up. Unlike sane people, they kept seeing each other every day at work. On The Third Wheel they invite a friend along as they argue about current events.

This week, they’re speaking with friend, professional photographer, and regular CityMag contributor Jessica Clark about religion.

You can listen to previous episodes of The Third Wheel on Soundcloud.

If you’d like Josh, Farrin and the Third Wheel guest to finish the next show by answering your relationship queries, send us an email.

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