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April 30, 2015

Five-star future

The first five-star hotel to be built in Adelaide in 30 years will begin construction in 2017, so CityMag cartoonist Ross Bateup turns his mind to ways we might keep the 250-room monolith full year-round.

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There’s been no lack of hotels and apartment buildings appearing in Adelaide’s CBD, which is a happy reflection on the state’s growing confidence.

Last week came the announcement that a 32-storey tower – partially dedicated to apartment living and partially dedicated to housing a new five-star hotel – will be built on Currie Street. As the sums were done, some mutterings could be heard about just how much density Adelaide’s population – tourist and permanent – could support.

Building up is a necessary part of the city’s growth, but as cartoonist Ross Bateup points out – there’s no point in constructing buildings unless you also construct a city culture draws people into those buildings. After all, a five-star ghost town is just as unnerving as a regular one.

Filling the growing number of towers dotting Adelaide is no small task, but it’s a realistic one – we just need to remember that the buildings themselves can’t be the end goal.

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