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January 15, 2015

Balancing act

Ross Bateup forecasts stormy weather as the Government pushes ahead with a plan to re-invigorate live music in the city at the same time as encouraging more residents to move into the Square Mile.

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  • Cartoons: Ross Bateup

This week, the Government has begun treading the delicate line between scaring off developers and residents and encouraging more music venues to flourish in the city.

Announcing that it would begin to examine reforms along the lines of those recently introduced in Victoria, the Government floated the idea that developers building near established music venues might need to take more responsibility for soundproofing measures and liveability.

It’s a delicate issue – particularly for a Government that is striving to encourage more residents to move into the Square Mile – but something that CityMag believes needs to be negotiated if Adelaide is to continue its evolution.

Meanwhile, cartoonist Ross Bateup also takes a lighter look at the Tour Down Under and some of the key differences it may have from its European counterparts.

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