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February 1, 2018

Introducing Opening Night Directory

Part cultural calendar, part style blog – Opening Night is all about celebrating a great night out.

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  • Images: Jessica Clark
  • Images: Josh Geelen

Over the past few months CityMag has been busy building a website with the sole purpose of connecting Adelaide audiences with the abundance of art experiences available here. Launching today with founding partners Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and State Theatre Company, we’re confident will grow into a vital touchpoint for the city’s social scene and allow established and emerging purveyors of art and culture to cut through the clutter of crap online.


Opening Night is live now but will be adding more to its calendar of events regularly. If you would like to join Opening Night and list your organisation’s events please get in touch via the website

From Euripides to the Medicis, right through history to Charles Saatchi and Vogue Magazine – art defines culture and hence – society. However, in the digital age, it’s become increasingly difficult to capture and share the experience of art in the world. We want Opening Night to connect and promote the city’s calendar of art events as part of a fabulous night out!

View the full website of art events and photo galleries from recent opening nights here.

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