Style Sample: Winter 2021

August 20, 2021

If you really want to know what the kids are wearing right now, don’t look to the streets.

They’re not there.

We cast this season’s Style Sample on Instagram — it’s there, online, in your hands and in your pockets, where you’ll find a truer expression of self.

And it’s not just in the way young people dress, but also in the way their photos are presented and published.

Like artists, the whole image (filtered, Facetuned, designed), language (captions, comments, emojis) and publication style (post, story, reel, Snap, Tik Tok, etc, etc, etc, etc) is part of the full mood and message being expressed.

It’s a new era.

Bye, Tommy Ton.

In order of appearance:

Ava Viscariello
Student, media & international relations

Michele Mosca
Student, contemporary art

Eliza Bampton
Student, social work

Student & Fashion Designer, Social Deviant

Louisa Zuze
Model & Student, international development

Alex McAuley
Vogue Artist & Student, international relations

Lucy Smith
Makeup Artist & Curator

Rajshree Gadtaula
Student, social sciences & Interpreter, Nepalese


Ash Speck
Regional Manager, Aesop

Issy Sykes
Student, media

Palestinian writer and producer

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