Style Sample: The end of summer

April 7, 2021
Adelaide looks good

Words and direction: Sharmonie Cockayne

Pictures: Thomas McCammon

Before the pandemic, Adelaide was pretty happy to wear trackies down the Mall (no shade – Yeezy taught us).

We’re a slow city, and it suits our sleepy nature.

Or it did.

We’ve worn our good loungewear to death, we’re bored of working from home, and we’re in the mood to dust off our fancy things and spend some money at our favourite struggling establishments.

It’s hard to miss the bright pops of personality and colour sprinkled around the streets.

We’ve seen ‘90s and ‘00s elements surpass ‘trendiness’ to become the new normal (again).

On the classier end, thin little baguette bags, tailored trousers and blazers, and Bottega-esque heels.

On the more casual side, think old school Jordans, baggy jeans, and Princess Diana-style bike shorts paired with oversized tops.

Toned up or down, one thing is clear: Adelaide is ready to party.


In order of appearance:

Vivana Luzochimana
Model & psychology student

Joanna Arul Tropeano
Musician and choral coach

Brandon Bartholomeusz

Michelle McClintock
Finance Manager

Medina Ai
Architecture student

Maleek Aler Solomon Deng
Creative Director, Serge Maleek

Stephanie Luchnikova

Shirrin Yusoph
Fashion student

Janine Longo
Retail stylist

Stephanie Chehade
Fashion Designer, Stephanie Chehade

Jessica Taylor
Floral designer

Lottie Goodwin

Annabel Hartlett
Producer & deejay


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