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November 16, 2021

Introducing family-oriented fashion label (Seb)ling

Siblings Lauren and Luke Sebastiani have partnered up with their seamstress mum Amanda to create (Seb)ling, a vintage-inspired fashion label that keeps family close to its heart.

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  • Words: Ella Beart
  • Pictures: Supplied

Growing up, siblings Lauren and Luke Sebastiani were surrounded by creativity.


Connect with Sebling via their website, Facebook and Instagram.

(Seb)ling will appear at design market Bowerbird, happening at the Adelaide Showgrounds from 26—28 November.

Amanda Sebastiani, the duo’s mum, is a pattern maker by trade and has spent the past 30 years (and counting) working in the fashion industry and designing masterpieces for family and friends.

After years of Luke and Lauren’s home-made wardrobe prompting ‘Where did you get that from?’ and ‘Does your mum have her own label?’ from friends, the Sebastiani family decided to collaborate on a label together, called (Seb)ling.

Inspired by popular ’70s, ’80s and ’90s staples, (Seb)ling revitalises iconic vintage looks, but with a modern twist.

“We want to blend old and new,” says Luke.

“We’re just looking to go with what was iconic at that time, and how can we jazz it up and reinvent it to make it a little bit more current for the time we are living in now.”

The Sebastiani clan L—R: Luke, Amanda and Lauren


The (Seb)ling flared corduroy pant is testament to this aim; with oversized pockets and wide belt loops, the unisex pant embodies a ’70s style with a cowboy ambiance.

“Corduroy is coming back and there is a ’70s-’80s resurgence right now, and, again, we wanted to make something that had that new feel mixed in with the vintage feel,” says Luke.

Other pieces from (Seb)ling’s launch collection include a pair of lustrous high-waisted tailored pants, available in both linen and silk, and a matching tailored mid-length short that is reminiscent of ’80s business wear.

All designs are proudly made with locally sourced and sustainable materials.


As well as offering a range of cuts and styles harking back to those iconic eras, Luke says (Seb)ling’s designs are closely tied to the Sebastiani family history.

“The cheese cloth shirt is really close to our hearts,” says Luke.

“Mum started making them about thirty years ago for all of our friends… and for my dad and his friends. I got my dad’s 30-year-old shirt three to four years ago and I can still wear it to this day, so we know the high quality of it.

“It is just something we felt that had to be in the collection as one of the staple pieces, it is a really light, breathable shirt that is awesome for summertime.”

Taking great pride in the family element of the label, Luke shares that (Seb)ling also draws influence from late family friend Maggie.

“Maggie use to make a lot of stuff with silk material and she had a whole box of Dupion silk, and she said to mum, ‘I really want someone to use this, I won’t be able to use it and I want to pass it on to you because I know the sort of work you do’,” says Luke.

The Maggie Crop, made with offcuts of the inherited Dupion silk, pays tribute to her legacy.

For functionality, the Maggie crop is reversible, with one side solid black and the other either a block colour or multicoloured, if you’re after something more original.

“No two crops are the same,” says Luke.

This recycling of materials also plays into the label’s commitment to sustainability and desire to avoid fast fashion.

“We want to really use what we can and not just get extra stuff. We want to be resourceful and have that element that means something and has a story behind it,” says Luke.

“For us, it’s all about getting people to understand quality and that something that is going to last longer if you invest money in something that is going to be made from love.”


As they’re new to the fashion scene, (Seb)ling sells predominantly online; however, the label will appear at Adelaide’s premier design market Bowerbird from 2628 November.

In addition to showcasing their first collection, (Seb)ling will also present a sneak preview of their second collection.

“We are bringing in the ‘pinstripe’, so a bit more corporate and fun,” says Luke.

“We’re just trying to figure it out as we go, but it feels special.

“Let’s not take our selves so seriously and be lighter and fun and enjoy the process.”

For more information on (Seb)ling, visit their website, Facebook or Instagram.

To see the full lineup of designers and makers appearing at Bowerbird this month, see the website.

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