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May 28, 2015

Head to the hills

The grey skies of winter look best when viewed from amidst the folds of Adelaide’s rolling green hills. So throw on some layers, include a few contrasting textures and pops of colour and head up the freeway for a brief escape that will make the winter weather feel merry instead of miserable.

  • Photography: Andrè Castellucci
  • Styling: Jon Hewitt
  • Art direction: Joshua Fanning
  • Hair and makeup: Cynthia Davies
  • Models: Anthony Robinson and Megan Ryan


Above: Anthony wears jeans by Edwin at Realstore, Backpack by Herschel at Realstore, Crew neck sweater by Carhartt at Realstore, Bomber jacket by Vanishing Elephant at Realstore, Boots by Redwing at Copley & Watson

citymag-cm009-fashion-TOP11 citymag-cm009-fashion-M5 citymag-cm009-fashion-M4

Above: Anthony wears shirt by Vanishing Elephant at Realstore, Crew knit by Penfield at Realstore, Pants by Carhartt at Realstore, Peacoat by Vanishing Elephant at Realstore

citymag-cm009-fashion-M3 citymag-cm009-fashion-M2 citymag-cm009-fashion-M1

Above: Anthony wears anorak by Rains at Miss Gladys Sym Choon, Jacket by Deus at Miss Gladys Sym Choon, Bag by Rains at Miss Gladys Sym Choon, Jeans by Sugar Cane at RHD, Shirt by Sugar Cane at RHD, Beanie by Carhartt at Realstore, Boots by Timberland at Realstore

citymag-cm009-fashion-F5 citymag-cm009-fashion-F6

Above: Megan wears Orange Vista Coat by C/MEO Collective, Knit roll neck jumper by Kuwaii, Knit skirt by Kuwaii, Turtleneck by Kuwaii, Shoes by Gorman, Sunglasses by Karen Walker

citymag-cm009-fashion-TOP15 citymag-cm009-fashion-F1

Above: Megan wears trench coat by Gorman, New start knit by Finders Keepers, Pompom scarf by Gorman, Cropped pant by Gorman, Shoes by Gorman




Above: Megan wears Coat by Gorman, Sweatshirt by Karen Walker, Turtleneck by Kuwaii, Cropped pant by Gorman, Shoes by Kuwaii, Sunglasses by Pared Handmade Eyeware, Ring by Naomi Murrell


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