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December 20, 2017

Summer listening

When time is on your hands, put something of quality in your ears - for example, these CityMag approved albums, podcasts and playlists.

Some things never change… like Omi’s potato salad recipe, the grubbiness of a Hindley Street footpath, or that gravity-free feeling experienced only within the pocket of time between Christmas day and New Year’s Eve. When experiencing (or enduring) the latter – amid the moments of nothing – we recommend listening to some of the better auditory things that might’ve gone unnoticed over the past year or so when the pace was more frenetic.

Six albums, six podcasts and 41 songs in a Spotify playlist entitled CityMag Summer Listening – we’ve put together some (actually, quite a few) auditory moments that we think will sit nicely alongside our reading and drinking plans for this festive season.


Naomi Keyte’s MELALEUCA

Willow Beats’ Be Kind to Yourself

Django Rowe’s To Be Born


SZA’s Ctrl

Wilson Tanner’s 69


Married to a Maker by Julie White and Peter Drew

Slick Lobster by Slick Lobster ADL

Reverberation Radio

Out of the Blocks

The Family Bushdance – a live music podcast from Max McHenry and friends

TRACE from Radio National


The very official CityMag Summer Listening playlist by CityMag.

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