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July 11, 2024

Meet our creative 40 Under 40

Creativity comes in many forms, with this years 40 Under 40 alumni showing us their creative flair through film, music and marketing.

  • Graphic: Jayde Vandborg
  • Photography: Morgan Sette

Bonnie McBride

Self-employed Film Producer 

Winner of the 40 Under 40 Creative Thinker Award, presented by KWPX.


The full list of South Australia’s 40 Under 40 first appeared in CityMag’s winter print edition of 2024.
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A question Bonnie McBride always gets asked is: what exactly is a producer? She says that at the Academy Awards, there are separate categories for best actor, actress, director and screenplay. But when they announce the best picture, it’s the producer who accepts the awards.

As a self-employed film producer, Bonnie is in many aspects of the filmmaking process. Films that Bonnie has worked on range from Taryn Brumfitt’s Embrace Kids (2022), Daniel Radcliffe’s Escape From Pretoria (2020) and Pia Borg’s docu-drama Demonic.

Bonnie understands careers in the Australian film industry don’t have a high retention rate, which is a result of contract work, lack of support for underrepresented groups and lack of human resources management. She’s passionate about “creating a positive working environment”.

Favourite movie of all time? Billy Elliot is a perfect film, I would watch the opening sequence with that song ‘Cosmic Dancer’ by T. Rex on repeat for too much of my adolescence.

Callie Rose

Managing Director & Founder of CALLIE Mktg + Comms + PR

Callie has strived to create a work-life balance for her employees for the past seven years in the highly stressful industry of PR. She wants her workplace to deliver high performance and career satisfaction without sacrificing mental and physical health.

“I vowed to prove you can ‘have your PR and enjoy it, too’,” Callie says.

One rule you live your life by? Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you. We can create the environment around us.

Lauren De Cesare

Director of Adelady & Hello SA

Winner of the 40 Under 40 Inspiring Female Leaders Award, presented by CityMag.

Nine years ago, Lauren De Cesare and her business partner left their jobs at SAFM, and after some time had passed, the two began their own Instagram page and website titled Adelady – a way to share part of Adelaide’s best-kept secrets like where to get a good smashed avo.

Lauren was just 27 when she began Adelady which would eventually lead to a bi-annual print magazine, a Channel 9 show titled Hello SA and Hay Lozzie Media – a content-producing company responsible for socials, commercials, copy and more.

Lauren says a large part of what they do is uplifting and inspiring women across all generations. Adelady, along with the other brands under Lauren’s wing, play their part in society to celebrate and represent all types of women: the working mum, the business owner, the mentor and more.

Favourite SA hidden gem? Moana Beach. You will often find the Adelady car parked on the sand.

Madelene Ragno

Founder of MADE. Marketing

Driven by a desire “to not create another marketing agency”, MADE. came to be. Madelene founded the creative and performance agency off the back of several successful years freelancing with small businesses in South Australia. Specialising in marketing for style-led brands worldwide, it is a niche she carved as her own.

Weirdest local legend you’ve heard? The Bunyip.

Zaachariaha Fielding

Artist at APY Art Centre Collective & Musician

Supported by inspiring elders in Mimili and their Adelaide studio, Zaachariaha inspires young First Nations people to dream big and feel confident to express themselves through art. “I am proof that you can break the rules and create a world that celebrates all that is special and unique,” Zaachariaha says.

How do you deal with challenges? Connecting with culture is my instinct after every setback.

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