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December 9, 2021

Take your holiday home

At their second holiday rental property, Emma Read and Sarah Hall wanted to create a memento-worthy experience, so they enlisted the help of creative agency Super Assembly.

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  • Words: Tijana Birdjan
  • Pictures: Hannah Puechmarin

Situated along the coastal strip of Chinaman Wells in the Yorke Peninsula is Love & Mutiny, a highly aesthetic beach shack.

The property is the sophomore effort from sisters Emma Read and Sarah Hall, who also run Marion Bay getaway house My Sister and the Sea.


Take a trip to Love & Mutiny by booking here.


At Love & Mutiny, Emma and Sarah hoped to instil a sense of serenity for their guests.

To help them achieve this, the styling duo reached out to creative marketing and communications agency Super Assembly.

My Sister and the Sea is a whimsical weatherboard cottage, designed for couples or families getting away to Marion Bay. Love & Mutiny juxtaposes against this as a vintage European-inspired shack.

Sarah Hall and Emma Read

Super Assembly directors Tamrah Petruzzelli and Selena Battersby and designer Kiki Thanou worked to render Love & Mutiny’s physical aesthetic into graphic branding. This involved not only capturing the space itself, but also Emma and Sarah’s multifaceted business interests.

“We went to them with this sort of conundrum, I guess, of how do we put everything we do in one place?” Sarah says. “We want people to know that we sell vintage furniture, we do styling, we make accommodation – how do we put it all together and come up with this beautiful way to tie it all together?

“We literally just gave [Super Assembly] a very minimal paragraph of a brief of random words that we really felt strongly encapsulated [Love & Mutiny]. But it looked like this big confusing mess and they sorted it out.”

Despite the initial mess of the brief, the sisters were much clearer in communicating their delight at what the design team came up with.

“We did everything via Zoom and when there were squeals of joy on their side, we knew we’d hit the mark,” says Selena.

“The visual communication could reach a wider audience and help to create a special and fun experience,” Kiki says. “Sarah and Emma were so trusting of us, and enthusiastic, and that made it an exciting project because it allowed me to loosen up and really take it to places that felt natural for me to apply design knowledge and skills towards.”

Emma and Sarah have long used Instagram to reach their audience, but the concept of a more solid brand identity for Love & Mutiny opened their scope to consider new mediums.

Emma tells CityMag she and Sarah wanted to use the Love & Mutiny brand to go back to an era of ubiquitous souveniring.

“One of the most exciting parts for Love & Mutiny is the merch,” Selena says. “From the very beginning Sarah and Emma wanted to expand the offering for Love & Mutiny to include items that would be available for purchase at the property online.”

Super Assembly created captivating posters and carried the theme to matchboxes, fragrances and jigsaw puzzles.


The two main illustrations for the brand – a flower and a snake – represent the titular love and mutiny, respectively, which Kiki says can be found in everyday human personalities.

“Everyone has both in them if they search for it. It’s okay to be both,” she says.

The sisters also wanted to apply the tagline of “all are welcome in the moment” to feature in the branding, which “connects to the idea that the shack is about being with yourself and being able to be your true self,” Kiki says.

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