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March 22, 2017

Core Physio opens in Halifax Street

Core Physio's new location proves that the business is as capable of re-enlivening old buildings as they are of re-enlivening sore bodies.

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  • Words: Johnny von Einem
  • Pictures: Julian Cebo

Core Physio clinics are known for their holistic approach, which incorporates Pilates and other forms of exercise into their rehab programs.


Core Physio and Pilates Studio’s Adelaide CBD City East practice is located at 179 Halifax Street, Adelaide.

Opening hours are 8:30am – 6pm Monday to Thursday and 8:30am – 5:30pm Friday.

For more information, visit the website.

What they’re less known for is being a business that invigorates old spaces. But that’s something they’re pretty practiced at –  as we found out when Core Physio founder Nick Lagos and physiotherapist Liam Frost toured us through their new Halifax Street practice.

“We took over in November, but we just finished renovating it now,” Nick says.

“It was a reasonably old building with an old history. Lots of character… This guy who we bought the business from has been in business for 40 years or something.”

That guy was Anthony Williamson, former owner of Hutt Precinct Physiotherapy, and currently now a physiotherapist working with Core while the business transitions.

“They approached us actually, and said ‘We know this is a thing you guys do, you take over old places, and we want to chat to you about that,’” Nick says.

“They were in their slowing down phase and wanted to get out of the running of it, so we basically did that negotiating with them, and in the process of that we looked at the building and thought it’s in a great location, had a great vibe to it… we basically bought it off him and started the renovating process.”

The location is in a burgeoning neighbourhood, but for Nick, another great selling point of the building was the large area at the back, allowing the right amount of space for what a Core Physio practice requires.

“The thing that we do more of these days is rehabilitate people, so it’s a much more exercise-focus, so there’s a huge amount more exercise equipment. In our practices, we set up Pilates so that people can do Pilates as rehab, and that’s been an important part of our whole business,” says Nick.

“I think it’s an integral thing that physios want now. They want to work not just in a room by themselves, they want to work with small groups of clients, and in an exercise environment that’s a bit more dynamic than just the one-on-one experience, so [to] help more people at one time.”

For Liam, who joined Core Physio as the Halifax Street practice renovations started, coming into the network has meant a renewed sense of growth in his career.

“For me, one of the biggest drawcards was that they’re always looking to grow, they’re always looking to expand, and not just the business side of things, but their employees,” Liam says.

“They’re really good as far as catering towards employee growth, so clinical skills, knowledge, and everything like that, so bringing up their staff to a higher level.

“It’s just always refreshing, you always want to be refining what you do. It sort of gives you that little shot in the arm of a little bit of inspiration of doing something a bit different, or knowing that you can do something a bit better, and that’s what Core can really provide.”

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