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March 30, 2021

Introducing inclusive art collective and retail store See Someone Studio

Tit Club founder Sarah Winter has opened See Someone Studio, a shop in Goodwood stocking bespoke creations from local and ethical makers.

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  • Words: Georgia Honan
  • Pictures: Morgan Sette

There is something noticeably different about Goodwood Road small-maker craft and homewares store See Someone Studio, which is evident from the moment you walk through the door.


See Someone Studio
Shop 6, 89 Goodwood Road, Goodwood 5034
Kaurna Country
Monday: By appointment
Wednesday: 10am ’til 2pm
Friday: 9:30am ’til 6pm
Saturday: 9:30am ’til 4:30pm
Sunday: 11am ’til 2pm


Customers are greeted by curvy candles, breast ceramics and feminist prints – and that’s only a small selection of the ethically sourced, locally made pieces available for purchase.

See Someone Studio was founded by Sarah Winter, who is also the founder of ceramics business The Tit Club and has a workshop set up out back.

Sarah says aside from her own wares, See Someone’s product range is made up of pieces from a considerate and mindful cohort of creatives.

“There is an ethical and local approach,” she says.

“All but three of my 15 current brands are from South Australia.”

“I’ve made a conscious choice to prioritise stocking women, LGBTQ and gender-queer artists and creatives – people and communities that don’t always have the same access to retail opportunities.”

Stocking brands such as Calamity Tash, COEQUA and Ash Flynn Jewellery, you can find just about anything in See Something Studio, from ceramics and candles to soaps and bath soaks.


Sarah has a longstanding love of creating.

“I’d had a few different backgrounds, mostly in healthcare and hospitality, but I’ve been involved with the arts for a long time,” she says.

She started her very first illustration business in 2015, and has been working as an artist full-time for around three years.

Sarah founded The Tit Club to create body-positive pieces with a focus “on intersectional feminism, inclusivity, body acceptance and neutrality, and queer advocacy.”

The artist’s foray into owning a brick-and-mortar store comes after spending “the last few years learning and upskilling.”

In the lead up to See Someone’s opening on 6 March, Sarah spent an intensive period expanding the Tit Club product line, “shaping every kind of breast out of clay and growing the product range to be ready,” she says.

In addition to her curation of the store, Sarah wants See Someone to also be a positive retail experience for customers.

“I didn’t want it to get caught up in business models and profit margins,” she says.

“I wanted it to feel safe and warm and inviting; walking through the door and feeling at home.”

The space has a relaxed, welcoming and homely feel, with peach shelves, restored antique furniture, pot plants and pre-loved books scattered throughout.


Sarah will also soon begin a series of creative workshops, offering her customers a connection to the craft exhibited in her store.

There will be sessions on candle-making and clay work.

For updates on upcoming workshops and to connect with the business, find See Someone Studio on Facebook and Instagram.

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