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June 6, 2017

Hebe and Co. bring ethical beauty to Regent Arcade

Skin care and beauty, minus the animal cruelty.

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  • Story: Sharmonie Cockayne

Recently launched in Regent Arcade, Hebe & Co. is a new skin care retailer that is less about beauty, and more about doing right by animals.


Hebe & Co. is in Shop 12, Regent Arcade.

Monday to Thursday 10am to 5pm
Friday 10am to 9pm
Saturday 10am to 5pm
Sunday 11am to 5pm

The independently-owned family business began with a conversation between Jenny Tibbenham and her daughter, Sian, in April last year.

Jenny and Sian working together on a Monday afternoon.

“I bought an eye shadow and took it home, and my other daughter said ‘that’s tested on animals, mum’ – it was something I’d bought and not researched properly and not looked into enough. I took it back, went straight on my iPad and started looking into it more,” says Jenny.

“I started to realise how hard it is to navigate what is legitimately cruelty free, organic, and vegan. I would have to go to so many different stores, and the products wouldn’t be available, so then I’d have to go online. But then finding a foundation online is ridiculous, because you can’t colour match or anything.

“I said ‘I just want one shop where I can go in and have a variety of different products and know that someone else has looked into it. To go in and buy a bit of this, a bit of that, a bit for skin care, a bit of make up, a bit of deodorant, a bit of men’s stuff, some baby stuff.”

So Jenny decided to make that place herself.

Jenny grew up with family values that emphasised a respect for the lives of animals, and that’s something she’s carried through into the family and working life she and her husband have built together.

“Most of my family’s life revolves around animals. That’s what we talk about. My mum and dad always had quite a few animals, and my dad still adopts strays. It’s a big thing with us,” she says.

“We’ve always wanted to do something for animals. My daughters both volunteer for Sea Shepherd.

And like the shared family values with which the business is imbued, the actual construction of the Hebe & Co business is a family effort too.

The name was suggested by Jenny’s niece, and is the name of the Greek Goddess of Youth. “And I just put the ‘& Co.’ on the end because it’s been such a family affair,” says Jenny.

Hebe & Co.’s social media is headed by Sian, and the shop is run by Jenny’s sister, Val, and youngest daughter, Georgia.

“Everybody was involved – all of my members of my family and myself. My husband made virtually everything within the shop.”

Jenny’s husband made the feature cabinet from recycled electric cable drums.

And, keeping it close to home, with most of the products sold in the shop (one set of eye shadows from the US) are Australian and are all appropriately credited.

“They have to jump through the hoops and prove all of their suppliers and all their ingredients and everything are all being sourced ethically. They have to be continually checked up on, and their accreditation has to be kept up to speed,” says Jenny.

After just under three weeks of trade in the burgeoning vegan hub of Regent Arcade, Jenny is hopeful for a fruitful future.

“I’ve started with a smallish range for the core range, then I’d like to expand on it.”

Beyond that, who knows what’s in store for Jenny and her family.

Good sales and, we’re sure, even better karma.

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