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September 29, 2021

Adelaide City councillors rebuff Riverbank Code Amendment

At a workshop designed to gauge elected members’ thoughts on controversial plans to rezone up to 71ha of Adelaide Park Lands — almost 10 per cent of the city’s green belt — Adelaide City Councillors agreed on a clear message: “oppose building on the Park Lands".

August 4, 2021

Call for ‘immediate’ investigation into proposed Parklands carpark

City of Adelaide elected members were this week recommended to write to the State’s Planning Minister to urge for “additional investigations” to be undertaken “immediately” for the proposed new Women’s and Children’s Hospital multi-storey carpark slated for the Parklands.

March 2, 2020

Howl: Inflammatory art on parade

With a giant walking Duchamp 'Fountain,' a balaclava-clad Captain Cook, and "Piss Christ," APHIDS' performance 'Howl' is a celebration of censored, maligned or misunderstood artworks from modern history.